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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to draw my commission?

This depends on many factors such as my waiting list, the size of the drawing and the reference photo. If you commission me I will send you an indication of time. Please click HERE to see how the commission process works  or feel free to contact me to ask about my waiting list at the moment.

What materials do you use?

To create a beautiful piece of art that will last for a lifetime, I only use the best quality materials.  Some of my most used materials are FaberCastell Polychromos Pencils, Caran d'Ache Luminance Pencils & Fabriano Artistico 640gsm paper .

What if I like to receive my commission sooner?

Please keep in mind that I work with a waiting list. Do you have a special occasion and want your commission sooner? Depending on my waiting list and the  date of your occasion, it might be possible to  work on your commission earlier. Please note that this will come with a price. Please contact me for details. 

Is my commission refundable?
Within the first 7 days of  payment  you may have a full refund. Please note that once I've started on your commission, the 30% deposit is not refundable, due to material costs and time.  Once the portrait is complete and you are happy, you  pay the other 70% + shipping costs. When the full balance is payed, your commission is not refundable. 

Can I see the progress?

Ofcourse! Once I start your commission I will reach out to you by email so you know when to keep an eye out on social media for updates on your commissioned drawing.  Please let me know if you would not like to see the picures on social media in case it's a secret gift or surprise for someone else.

Do you offer worldwide shipping?

Yes I do!  I offer worldwide shipping so it's no problem if you live on the other side of the world :) 

Can you draw multiple subjects on one drawing?

Yes I can! I can draw multiple subjects from a large size and up.
Please click HERE to go directly to my sizes & prices to see the possibilities. 

Do you offer Giftcards?

Yes I do!  Please click HERE to contact me for details. 

What do I get when ordering an original drawing?

When ordering an original artwork you will get the original piece of art, created and signed by me. This artwork includes a certificate of authenticy and an artwork guide. I sell all my original mounted and framed, so the artwork is ready to put up on your wall.


What do I get when ordering a print?

When ordering a print you will receive a high quality gliclée print of an artwork made by me. I sign and number all my prints and they all include a certificate of authenticy and an artwork guide. I sell all my prints including a passe partout but without frame.
As an extra service I can provide framed prints. Please email me for details:

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