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How to commission your custom portrait?

I am specialized in creating realistic drawings of your photos. Commission subjects include horses and wildlife. You can find all details on this page. Do you still have any questions after reading this? Click the buttons below to have a look at my frequently asked questions page or contact me. I would love to  help you out!

Step 1 - Sizes

I offer multiple sizes. Your choice may depend on your preference, the number of animals in your portrait, and your budget. 
Tip: I can combine multiple photos of different animals to one piece of art.

Click the button to see all sizes and prices. 

Realistic coloured pencil drawing_ hands

I aim to create a realistic portrait that shows the exact character, appearance and soul of the animal. Therefore I  prefer to work from highly detailed photos. Check out my photograph guide to get some tips for choosing the right photo(s). If you need any help, please email me your photos so we can discuss which one is best. 

Photo Guide

Step 2 - Photos


Step 3 - Contact Me

When you have chosen your favorite photo(s) and decided the size of the artwork, please click the button on the side to contact me or send an email to Please mention your requirements and let me know if you have any specific deadlines.  I will reach out to you within 24 hours. As I'm working with a waiting list, I will let you know when I can start drawing your portrait. If you agree with the approximate time, you can send me your photographs. 


Step 4 - Payment


Once I'm sure your photos cover the requirements to create a realistic drawing and we have both come to an agreement, we go on with the payment.

To get yourself a spot on my waiting list, I'm asking for a 30% deposit, which can be paid securely by bank transfer or PayPal. The other 70% will be paid after finishing the drawing and before shipping. Please note that the deposit is not refundable once your drawing has been started, due to material costs and time.  Please have a look at my FAQ to read the terms & Conditions.

Step 5 - The Progress


Once I'm ready to start your custom portrait I will reach out to you by email to let you know!  I will post progress pictures on my  Instagram and Facebook page, so feel free to comment and share the progress with your friends. Please let me know when the artwork will be a secret gift for someone. Then of course I will wait and don't share the progress on social media until the artwork has been gifted.  Click the buttons to go directly to my social media pages and give me a follow! 

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Step 6 - Completion

Realistic coloured pencil drawing_ hands

Once your custom artwork is finished I will send you a picture of the finished piece of artwork. If you're satisfied, you can pay the other 70% + shipping costs. As soon as I received your payment, I will carefully pack your artwork to make sure it will make it safely to your front door!  I offer worldwide shipping! 

My Services Include: 

- Help in choosing the best reference photo(s)

- Updates on the progess of the drawing, with pictures shared on social media

- A certificate of authenticity and an artwork guide on how to take care of your unique piece of art

- I only use the highest quality materials to provide an artwork that will last for a lifetime!
- Your portrait will be carefully packed and shipped with trackable shipping to make sure it will make it safely to your front door! 


Option: Combining several photos of different animals to one piece of art

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