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Photo Guide

I am specialized in creating realistic drawings of your photos. In order to create a realistic-looking portrait, it's very important for me to have good and high-quality reference photos. The better the photo, the better the drawing will be!  


Please keep in mind the following things:



Detailed photos are best to create a realistic portrait. It's very important that the subject is close enough to the camera to be able to see the  direction of the fur strokes.


 Different lighting can change the colour of your pet. Please make sure that the photo represents the real fur and eye color. Tips that may help: Take  your photo by daylight but not in the bright sun and don't use  flash.


Make sure your horse looks into the camera. The eyes have to be seen and they need to represent the real eye color. (See lighting for tips)


 Take the photo on the eye level of your horse or even lower, to get a nice composition for a head/neck or full body portrait.

Please note that if you're not the photographer, you need to ask the photogrographer for permission to use his/her pictures. 


If you're unsure about your photographs, please email me at,  I would love to give you my advice! 

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